When it comes to selling a house one of the most important questions that a Seller needs to think about and answer is, “Who is the Buyer for my house?”  So many times sellers get caught up in the emotional aspect of selling and turning their “home” over to someone else.  Sellers may not understand WHY they need to make some changes in their house in order to attract the target buyer.  We get set in our ways and we don’t see our houses the way a buyer sees it and experiences it for the first time.

When we have lived in our homes for years, we don’t see things that are “wrong” with it or things that might need to change or be updated because the home has been great for us.  When a Buyer sees the property for the first time, they don’t have the emotional history we have as Sellers and look at the house like a product and have objective opinions about what they see.  As a Seller it can be hard to step away from the “home” and look at the “house” or product that is being sold.

The most important thing to remember is there is nothing WRONG with how an individual or family chooses to live in their home.  It is their home.  It is not up to other to judge because we are not in their situation or circumstances, and the way people live in their homes is up to them.  There are people that are cleaner, some are messier, some have newer furnishings and some have more dated items that might be precious heirlooms to them.  Some have children some don’t, some have pets and some don’t.  Some pay more attention to the interiors while others don’t care about the appearance, and some have limited time to devote to updating their home while others maintain their home consistently.

When it comes to selling – the focus is on marketing and selling the “product” or house – not the home.  Getting an objective opinion on what it takes to get the house sold is important for any seller.  There are lots of sites devoted to helping people know what to do and sometimes it can be about where to start, where to put the dollars that might be limited to get the best bang for the buck.  For others the task of selling is overwhelming and patient guidance is needed.  When we ask, “Who is the BUYER?” we are essentially thinking about the person that is investing dollars in this particular property and we must gear the presentation of the property for that Buyer – that age group, that demographic, that individual – so that they want to buy our house and make it their home.

As a Realtor, my goal and role is to help my clients make decisions, provide guidance that is reasonable and respectful, and help them make decisions that will result in the success the Seller wants.  This means we talk about what the target buyer wants to see (or may not want to see) in a property and why updating with the buyer in mind is essential.  When we are able to clearly identify who we believe will be the ultimate buyer for the house – it makes preparing the house for sale much easier.  Instead of just throwing money at updates we can put in targeted amenities that our target buyer want in a property in today’s market.

For help in understanding what updating or modifications you need to make to ensure the best investment of your dollars to update or renovate your property in anticipation of selling, please give me a call.  I am here to help.

– John